Favorite Vines

Vines are the most versatile plants available for landscaping and general beautification. They provide shade, cover and privacy from a variety of colorful forms. Many offer lovely flowers, colorful fruit and outstanding fall foliage.

  • Englemann Ivy - climbs with adhesive disks at the end of the tendrils. It has a compound leaf made up of five leaflets similar to the woodbine, but the leaflets are smaller. It takes on a bright red fall color.
  • Virginia Creeper or Woodbine - is a common native that climbs in trees. It has tendrils that end in disks. The foliage turns a bright red in the fall. The small berry clusters turn blue in the fall
  • Honeysuckle - Fast growing vines bearing small fragrant trumpet shaped flowers. Excellent on trellises, arbors and fences. Available in orange, yellow and white blooms. Can be used as groundcover.
  • Clematis - The showiest of all flowering vines. Generally prefer a sunny location for top growth and a moist, shady, cool area for their roots. All require a trellis, fence or adjacent tree or shrub to climb. Blooms June - September, depending on the variety.
Other suggestions: Silver Lace Vine, Trumpet Vine, English Ivy, Boston Ivy, Grape Vine.

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