Garden of Eden

Planting Your Garden of Eden

Many factors make up the outdoor living room. The choices are almost endless. Here are few things to think about when selecting plant material to enhace your landscape and add value to your home:

Hardiness in Colorado. Challenges include extreme temperature fluctuations, poor soil conditions, low humidity and desiccating, dry winds. However, with Colorado's high intensity light (sunny days), cool nighttime temperatures and very few plant diseases, we grow the most beautiful, colorful gardens in the nation.

Creating 4 seasons of color. Colorado has 6 months of "winter", so planning your landscape for year 'round color is essential. Look for these characteristics when making your selections:

1. Spring - spring flowering bulbs (tulips, daffodils, hyacinths)

  • flowering ornamental trees (crabapple, pear, cherry)
  • flowering shrubs (lilac, forsythia, daphne)
  • perennials (creeping phlox, basket of gold allysum, rockcress)
  • cool weather annuals (pansies, flowering kale, snapdragons)

2. Summer - summer flowering bulbs (gladiolas, dahlias, cannas)

  • shade trees (maples, ash, honey locust)
  • flowering shrubs (rose bushes, spirea, potentilla)
  • for texture & color (barberry, sumac, viburnums)
  • perennials (shasta daisy, daylily, coneflower)
  • colorful annuals (petunias, impatiens, geraniums, marigolds)

3. Fall - autumn colored trees (aspen, maples, pears & ash)

  • flowering shrubs (rose of sharon, hydrangea, butterfly bush)
  • autumn colored shrubs (burning bush, dogwood, viburnums, currants)
  • fall berries (pyracantha, viburnums)
  • perennials (hardy mums, sedum's, asters)
  • cool weather annuals (pansies, dianthus, dusty miller, kale)
  • autumn colored vines (Virginia creeper)

4. Winter - Evergreen trees (Colorado blue spruce, Austrian pine, Piñon pine)

  • Junipers (groundcover, bush, upright)
  • Specialty conifers (mugho pine, Alberta spruce yew)
  • Broadleaf evergreens (grape holly, euonymus, pyracantha)
  • Winter highlights (red twig dogwood, yellow twig dogwood, dried plumes of ornamental grasses)

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