Ordering Your Wedding Flowers

Congratulations On Your Engagement!

This is the time when all your dreams and ideas for your special day become reality. Planning the wedding of your dreams is easy if you plan ahead. Here are some tips when ordering your wedding flowers.

Start As Soon As Possible.

You don't have to order the flowers yet, but make sure you reserve your wedding day with your florist (6 - 12 months before wedding). Quality florists book up quickly and the sooner you reserve your day, the better.

Choose Your Flowers By Style.

This means your flowers should go along with the theme of your wedding. Flowers are the single uniting ingredient connecting all the elements of your celebration from your bridesmaid's to your reception. Both the style and color of the designs you choose can create a coordinated setting for you and your guests.

Your style should reflect your personality. Consider the following when establishing a theme:

The formality of the wedding - generally, daytime weddings are less formal, afternoon weddings are semi-formal and evening weddings are formal.

The style of attire - special consideration is usually given to the length, neckline, sleeves and pattern of the bride's and attendant's dresses.

Customarily, attendants with shorter dresses carry compact bouquets, attendants with long gowns carry more elaborate ones.

Consider the look you want to create: "Natural", "Elegant", "Classic", "Victorian", "Contemporary". The look you choose can be created with just the right style of flowers.

Flowers In Your Wedding

The most important place to start is the bride's bouquet. The bride is the most important person of the day. Never scrimp on the bride. Also, keep in mind if she will wear flowers in her hair or on the veil.

  • Attendant's Flowers
  • Flowergirls & Ringbearers
  • Corsages for Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, Special guests and helpers.
  • Boutonniere for the Groom, Groomsmen and Ushers.
  • Boutonniere's for Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, Special guests and helpers.
  • Flowers for the alter, candelabra's and pew's.
  • Flowers for the reception, head table, guest tables, cake flowers.
  • Throw Away Bouquet
  • Bride's going away corsage.
  • Flowers for the bridesmaid's luncheon.
  • Flowers for the rehearsal dinner.
  • Flowers for the clergy.

The Traditional Wedding

Who Pays for What?

The Bride - Wedding ring for the groom, Wedding gift for the groom, Wedding consultant, Presents for the bridal attendants, Personal stationery, Accomodations for out-of-town maid of honor and bride's attendants, Her physical exam/blood tests

The Groom - Wedding ring for the bride, Wedding gift for the bride, The marriage license, Gifts for the best man, groomsmen, and ushers, Bride's bouquet, bride's going-away corsage, mothers' corsages, and boutonnieres for all men in the wedding party, Accommodations for out-of-town best man, groomsmen, and ushers, His physical exam/blood tests, Fee for the clergy, The honeymoon, Optional: the bachelor dinner

The Bride's Family - The engagement party, The reception, including the food, wedding cake, beverages, decorations, music, flowers, and gratuities for the bartenders and waiters, Wedding gift for the newlyweds, Wedding invitations, announcements, and mailing costs, Bride's wedding attire/trousseau, Engagement and wedding photography, The ceremony, including rental of the sanctuary; fees for the organist, soloist or choir, and sexton; aisle carpets/runners and/or canopy; music; flowers; and any additional costs for decorations, Bridesmaids' bouquets, Parking costs, coat-check fees, gratuities for traffic attendants, Transportation for the bridal party, both to the wedding ceremony and from the ceremony to the reception, Bridesmaids' luncheon, Wedding albums, Videographer's fee, Personalized napkins, matchbooks, and guest towels

The Groom's Family - Clothes for the wedding, Their travel expenses, Wedding gift for the newlyweds, The rehearsal dinner and any other expenses they elect to assume

The Maid of Honor - Her travel expenses, Wedding attire, Wedding gift for the newlyweds

The Best Man - His travel expenses, Wedding attire, Wedding gift for the newlyweds

The Attendants - Their individual travel expenses, Wedding attire, Wedding gift for the newlyweds

The Groomsmen and Ushers - Their individual travel expenses, Wedding attire, Wedding gift for the newlyweds

Guests - Their individual travel expenses, Wedding gift for the newlyweds

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