Flower Care Tips

Cut Flowers

Recut flower stems under water with a sharp knife. Remove 1/2" - 1" of the stem, plus any leaves that may be below the water line. This will give your flower a fresh cut. The original cut may have healed and sealed itself hindering water absorption.

Always keep flowers in a cool location - away from heat, drafts and direct sunlight.

Use flower preservative. Lafayette Florist always provides extra flower preservative with every fresh flower purchase.

Without the preservative, recut flower stems, change the water and clean the container daily.

Flower Arrangements

Add water daily to bouquets arranged in floral foam. In a vase arrangement, make sure water is at the highest level possible and is clear and clean.

Place arrangements in cool place away from heat, drafts and direct sunlight.

Flowers to Wear

Keep flowers refrigerated until time of event.

Carry corsages and other body flowers in the box provided to your destination.

Pin on once you are inside.

Guard flowers from sudden exposure to cold air.

Cover flowers with a damp tissue and refrigerated to extend life.

Green & Blooming Plants

Follow direction on the plant care card provided with every plant.

Place plants near a window with eastern or southern exposure.

Do not place plants over radiators, near fireplaces in use or near drafts.

For blooming plants, keep the humidity as high as possible.

Use a pebble tray (saucer full of gravel with water in it) to help create humidity. As the water evaporates from the saucer, humidity is generated.

Plants should never sit in water. Water thoroughly so water drains from holes, remove any excess water. Check soil twice a week, water when soil is moderately dry.

Avoid sprinkling water directly on leaves.

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