Winter Blooming Plants. Now that the garden has gone to bed for the winter, it's time to wake up the house with winter blooming plants. For a sunny room, try hibiscus, camellias or citrus. Or try small, easy care bloomers like African violets or cyclamen, to brighten the dingy days of winter. These hardy plants thrive under the intense Colorado sunlight, blooming throughout the winter with ease. For all blooming plants, we recommend fertilizing regularly with Fertilome's Blooming and Rooting Formula.

Apply Dormant Oil Spray. The trees are leafless and the garden looks like a bunch of dead sticks. Looks can be deceiving. Many of the insect pests that plagued us this summer are still active. Now is the time to apply dormant oil spray to trees and shrubs like viburnum, aspen, crabapples and all fruit trees to prevent insect problems for next year. We recommend Fertilome Scalecide to control scale, aphids and spider mites that overwinter in your yard. Come in and talk to our Garden Center Experts.

Thanksgiving is here! Better not wait any longer to dress up the house for the holidays. We carry a variety of blooming plants to impress your guests. For a festive look try blooming mums and pepper plants accented with fall foliage and mini-Indian corn. And, if you want something extra special, try blooming citrus plants or blooming gardenias for their wonderfully heady gragrance. For an exotic look, try tropical hibiscus with their giant, colorful blooms. Stop by and let one of our Greenhouse experts help you pick out the perfect bloomer.

Christmas shopping got you down? Has fighting the hordes of Christmas shoppers got you frazzled already? Come and relax at Lafayette Florist. Browse through our showrooms filled with Christmas gift giving and decorating ideas. Come out of the cold and walk through our tropical greenhouses. Reward yourself with a holiday blooming plant. Take home a poinsettia, azalea or Christmas cactus to lift your sagging holiday spritis. To keep your house plants beautiful, we recommend fertilizing regularly throughout the Winter with Fertilome water soluable fertilizers. Stop by and treat yourself!

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